The LILAMA Network launched in Spain

Last March 18th, the LILAMA Network was officially launched in Pamplona, Spain, during an event organised in the framework of the LINGUA EMPRESA Programme, promoted by the SNE, lead partner of the LILAMA project, which aims at promoting a change in language training in order to improve professional performance, reinforce competitiveness, and support the internationalisation of the companies of Navarre. The LILAMA project was developed in the framework of this Programme.

During the event, participants, key regional Stakeholders such as the Association of Navarra Language Training Providers, Navarra Business Association, and Navarra Languages Self-Learning Center, had the chance to meet David Owen from RLN-East and discussed with him how issues related to languages and employability are tackled in the UK and how LILAMA seeks to become a mutual learning platform for the exchange and dissemination of guidelines, best practises and policy recommendations contributing to the design and implementation of linguistic policies oriented to labour market needs.

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