Lilama Network. Linguistic Policy for the Labour Market

Hace poco conocí la existencia de la agrupación LILAMA, y me ha parecido fantástica la labor que realizan. Reproduzco la información con la que presentan:

The LILAMA Network has been founded by a consortium of 7 partners from 5 EU countries. The partnership is formed by two types of organisations:

Regional/local public bodies which are already involved in the development of linguistic policies oriented towards the labour market needs and which also represent the linguistic needs of their regional economies’ agents.

Research and educational organisations involved both in the design and evaluation of public policies and in the research field of language learning. These will provide a needed methodological expertise to the Network’s more technical work packages, proposing a methodology for the identification, assessment, validation and transferability check of given best practice in the development of linguistic policies and will lead the research study on the transferability analysis of the European Framework of Reference for Languages for the development of a EU model on linguistic policies oriented to the labour market needs.

In order to ensure the Network’s feasibility and sustainability, an expert company on the management of EU Collaborative Projects and Networks is also involved in the proposal as Co-ordinating Organisation.

All partners have previous experience in the development of EU projects and are already involved in national and EU networks, ensuring the outreach of other relevant stakeholders from which to gather relevant experiences and practises in the field topic.

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