Languages for SMEs platform

Welcome to the “Languages for SMEs” platform – an interactive forum to help companies increase trade through languages.

An information campaign is being launched in the autumn of 2010 by the European Commission (Education and Culture DG) to promote greater use of foreign languages in international business, by small and medium sized European businesses.

Companies employing different language strategies to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers have been shown to improve their trade prospects. The goal of the campaign is to make SMEs aware of how they can increase the business opportunities available to them through improved foreign language skills.

In advance of the campaign, a survey is being conducted of the foreign language and communication networks available to companies, along with examples of success and good practice by European companies.

The results of the survey – which is currently under way – will be published on the campaign website at the beginni ng of the third quarter of 2010.

The collaborative platform has been set-up to promote the exchange of information, news and documents between those involved and interested in the project, namely: project managers, contractors, experts, officials and stakeholders.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the webmaster at

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